What Child is This (Elle Zamudio)

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Part Number:XL-31
  • Display Elements Sequenced Include:Mega Tree 32 x 160, Mega Tree, 16 x 50, Small Mini Trees, Showstopper Snowflake, PPD Wreath, GE Grand Illusion Spinner,Mid-Size Mini Trees, Peace Stakes, Icicles, Snowflakes, Arches, Triple Arches, Inverted Mega Tree, Ground Spinner, Pixel Poles, Pixel Pole Stars, Mini Tree Stars, Mega Tree Star, 3D Globe, GE Rosa Wreath, PPD Wreath, LLS Snowflakes, 8 Foot Snowflake, Twig Tree, 22 Inch Spinners, High Density Spinners, High Density Wreath, Horizontals, Verticals, Window Frames, Door Frame, Garage Door Frame, Roof Peak Frame, Yard Borders, Floods, Candy Canes, Large Matrix, Tune to Sign, Window Matrices, Door Column Matrices, and Spiral Trees
  • Immediate Download:Files available for immediate download upon purchase
  • Video:Video link is to the left and in the Product Description below
  • Lyric Tracks:Two lyric tracks included
  • MP3:Link to MP3 is in the Product Description below
What Child is This
Artist: Elle Zamudio
Run Time: 2:53
Sequenced by: Michael Stoffregen

Updated for 2023, this powerful song features several deep red and gold, matching the mood of the song. The download includes everything you need to map the sequence to your display elements. Due to copyright protections, the song is not included but may be purchased here.

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