Showstopper Spinner Sample Sequence

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  • Sample Sequence:To see how this sequence was put together, download the free sample and take a look at the sequencing. The sequence is more than 95% single strand.
  • Why a New Spinner?:We designed the Showstopper Spinner because most spinners are just a series of concentric circles with the pixels lined up to form spokes. What makes the Showstopper Spinner unique is that it is built around spiraling circles and not linear spokes. The end result is a spinner that does things no other spinner can do.
Showstopper Spinner
Artist:  Featuring Levitating by Dua Lipa
Run Time: 3:11
Sequenced by: Michael Stoffregen

This sample sequence features the newest prop designed by Showstopper Sequences, the Showstopper Spinner.  The spinner is probably the easiest prop to sequence and make look good.  The sequence in the video is primarily 95% single strand effect.  Download the sequence and play with the new prop.  The Showstopper Spinner is made by EFL-Designs and comes in black and white, 46 and a 36 inch versions.  You can get your Showstopper Spinner by following this link to EFL-Designs.

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