Rockin Around the Christmas Tree (Brenda Lee - Showbuilder Option)

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  • Showbuilder Option:Select the display elements you want for your display. The Showbuilder Option allows you to customize your downloaded sequence. By selecting only what you need, you can save money. As your display grows you can buy additional props as needed.
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Mega Tree and Star (32x160 and 16x50) [+$10.00]
Whole House Effects [+$3.00]
Lyric Track [+$3.00]
Mini Trees [+$3.00]
Icicles [+$2.00]
Snowflakes [+$3.00]
Stars [+$2.00]
Arches [+$4.00]
Pixel Poles [+$3.00]
Spiral Tree and Twig Tree [+$3.00]
Spinners [+$3.00]
Flood Lights [+$2.00]
Candy Canes [+$3.00]
Inverted Mega Tree [+$3.00]
Window Wreath [+$2.00]
Starburst [+$2.00]
3d Sphere [+$2.00]
Matrices [+$5.00]
GE Rosa Wreath [+$5.00]
PPD Wreath [+$5.00]
Peace Stakes [+$3.00]
House Frame (Horizontals, Verticals, Yard Border, Windows, Doors) [+$5.00]
High Definition Props (Rosa Wreath, PPD Wreath, Matrices, Peace Stakes, 3d Sphere) [+$7.00]
Timing Tracks (Included with props; Lyric Track sold separately) [+$5.00]
Rockin Around the Christmas Tree
Artist:  Brenda Lee
Run Time: 2:08
Sequenced by: Michael Stoffregen

This is a great traditional Christmas song.  It is from the golden years of Christmas music.  The best part?  Santa plays the saxophone!  Select just the display elements you need and save money in the process.  The song is included in the download for timing purposes, but you must purchase your own version of the song.

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