Helpful Mapping Information

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This helpful download includes important information you will need for mapping.  It is included in every sequence download zip file.  The following files are included:

1.  Read Me First.  The name says it all.  It provides you with important information you should know before you do your first mapping of a Showstopper Sequence file.
2.  Layout Diagram.  A picture of the store layout with labels on each prop so you know how they are referenced in xLights.
3.  Next Level Mapping.  A diagram showing how Next Level Mapping can make your mapping easier.
4.  Mapping Worksheet.  A tool that lets you plan your mapping before you tackle it in xLights.
5.  Models.   The quality of sub-models available for the various Coroplast suppliers varies greatly.  If an additional sub-model is needed, we will add it.  If a sub-model needs to be fixed, we will fix it.  If we do either of those things, then we include the model with its sub-models in the download so you can import the sub-models into your display for sequencing purposes.

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