About Us

Showstopper Sequences

Thanks so much for visiting our online store. Like many other vendors, we are hobbyists as well.  My wife and I began a static display in 2000 at our home in Ozark, Missouri.  In 2006 we bought our first Light-O-Rama controller.  By 2014, we had 17 controllers, 40,000 AC incandescent and LED lights and about two miles of extension cords.  In the Spring of 2016, I began playing with XLights to see if I could use the tools there to put together some decent sequences. 

By August, I had sequenced about 15 songs and we decided to make the jump to pixels.  We sold everything we could of our AC decorations, bought two Falcon F16V2s and about 8,500 pixels and converted our house into a Whoville house using Coroplast mounted to PVC frames.  In 2017, we added another 3,000 pixels to the mix.  While our home decorations are unique and whimsical, the sequencing is what makes it truly stand out. 

At the urging of some friends and other hobbyists, we decided to open an on-line store to sell our sequences. We love the hobby and hope you enjoy our sequences!